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We can create a completely original logo based on your business mission and aesthetic. You'll get complete access to the source file to edit as you need, as well as final 50px by 50 px, 100px x 100px, and 200px x 200px image files to use across your website, social media platforms, and marketing efforts.

$50 to $100

Web Advertisements

We design website advertisements for use in website content, sidebars, banners, and more. Pricing depends on the size of the ad you would like. Not only will you get the final image file in .PNG format, but we will hand over the source file for you to edit as you need.

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Print Advertisements

Our graphic designers are well-versed in print advertisements, whether you're looking to post your print add on a billboard, bus bench, or sign.

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Blog Graphics

If you run a blog and want to streamline your creative process, we can create blog graphics for your site. We'll even hand over the source files for you to edit as you need. We'll create templates so you can easily generate a blog graphic title on the spot, or reach out to us and get a quick response at an affordable rate.

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At Bumbling Panda Design, we strive for beauty.

If we don't have a graphics packet suited for your company, we will make one just for you.

Our artists are ready to work with your creative needs.