Below are some basic prices for our services

Prices may change based on your project needs. If there is not a packet that fits your business, we can create one for you.

Website Opitimization

Maybe you already have a website. Maybe your website just needs a facelift to become more effective. Maybe your website was not created with the proper keywords to be successful and your sales are suffering because of it. We also have a deal for you. We will optimize up to 10 pages of your existing site to be more SEO effective. This includes keyword research data for you to build on and ultimately improve your rankings on search engines.

Optimize your website for just $1000

Small Business Packet

Designed specifically for small or start-up businesses, our professionals will design your website from concept to finish. This responsive website will get your business on the right track. The packet comes with a fully operational website that contains up to 15 pages and we stick around until you are 100% satisfied.

We'll design your site from concept to finish for just $2000

The Silver Packet

If you have no idea what SEO means, then this packet is for you. Start off on the right foot with your website. Before you even think about posting a picture or adding the name of your business, you will need to do your homework on what keywords are best suited for your website. With the Silver Packet, you not only get a high-end site that search engines will fall in love with, but you get up to 30 pages. This awesome deal comes with web design, SEO research, content creation, and full support until you are 100% happy with the results.

Start off on the right foot for just $5000

The Gold Packet

An upgraded version of the Silver Packet, the Gold Packet guarantees results you'll be proud of. This packet includes unlimited pages, SEO research for keywords that will rank you on search engines, and content creation. We will also optimize your social media pages. Oh and by the way--we stick around until you are 100% satisfied.

The best things in life aren't free, but the Gold Packet can be yours for $10,000


We can create a completely original logo based on your business mission and aesthetic. You'll get complete access to the source file to edit as you need, as well as final 50px by 50 px, 100px x 100px, and 200px x 200px image files to use across your website, social media platforms, and marketing efforts.

$50 to $100

Web Advertisements

We design website advertisements for use in website content, sidebars, banners, and more. Pricing depends on the size of the ad you would like. Not only will you get the final image file in .PNG format, but we will hand over the source file for you to edit as you need.

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Print Advertisements

Our graphic designers are well-versed in print advertisements, whether you're looking to post your print add on a billboard, bus bench, or sign.

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Blog Graphics

If you run a blog and want to streamline your creative process, we can create blog graphics for your site. We'll even hand over the source files for you to edit as you need. We'll create templates so you can easily generate a blog graphic title on the spot, or reach out to us and get a quick response at an affordable rate.

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Affordable Social Media Packet

This packet comes with everything a business would get from a full-time social media manager, but we're not as expensive and we never call in sick. Bumbling Panda Design will monitor and maintain profiles, interact with followers, and launch campaigns for up to three social media platforms.

Get an Amazing Social Media Manager for $500 a month!

Unlimited Social Media Packet

This packet comes with unlimited social media platforms. Yeah, you read that right. We will handle as many social media platforms as available for only $1,000. You are not going crazy. This is really happening. This means that our experts will monitor, maintain, interact with followers, create new relationships, and launch campaigns for your business for a flat price.

Get Unlimited Social for Only $1000 a Month!