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Van Hoang, Creative Director

Van Hoang handles all graphic design, creative content, and artwork for Bumbling Panda Design. With over five years' of experience in digital marketing, she has extensive knowledge of utilizing social media for business growth. She has worked with graphics both for web and print, and has a strong passion for photography and beautiful imagery. Van graduated with a bachelor's degree in English, Professional Writing, and a minor in Communications. She also writes content and blogs for BPD's client, and runs a separate beauty and fashion blog.

Alex Aceves, Technical Director

Alex Aceves handles all of Bumbling Panda Design's Search Engine Optimization as well as the SEO for our clients. He has several years' experience writing content, blogs, and handling social media marketing. He has been responsible for ranking several websites on Google's search results, as well as writing content for those websites and contributing to their development and artwork.